Peeler (PL Range)

PL40 PL40 potatoes
PL40 PL40 potatoes

Item Ref: KRO-PL-1

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  • Manufacturer: Kronen
  • Model: PL25

PL Peeler Series

The PL series has two peeling systems and a washing system to choose from.

The abrasive system peels quick and price effective for further processing.  The knife system peels the potatoes, carrots, beetroot, turnips and hard vegetables like hand peeled and therefore is the ideal solution for whole peeled product with longer shelf life.  The rubber knob system can be used for washing potatoes, carrots etc.  The rounded, easy to clean peeling chamber guarantees residue-free waste management that helps ensure a hygienic environment.  The automatic top-down water sprinkler washes the product so its ready to process.  The pneumatic door opening (optional for the PL40K) allows trouble free integration of the machine into automatic production process.  Emptying via pneumatic door opening - followed by automatic closing of the door for next peeling