MW XV-Compact Memory

MW XV Compact memory

Item Ref: MW XV-CM-1

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  • Manufacturer: Multiweigh Germany
  • Model: MW XV-Compact Memory

MW XV-Compact Memory

Dosing with high performance: Up to 720 weights per minute


MW XV 14-0.5-M, MW XV 16-0.5-M, MW XV 16-1.0-M, MW XV 18-0.5-M,

MW XV 18-1.0-M, MW XV 20-0.5-M, MW XV 20-1.0-M, MW XV 24-0.5-M,

MW XV 24-1.0-M, MW XV 30-0.5-M, MW XV 30-1.0-M, MW XV 36-0.5-M,

MW XV 36-1.0-M, MW XV 48-0.5-M, MW XV 48-1.0-M