Overdriven Process Mill

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Item Ref: QUAD-19-SERIES-1

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  • Manufacturer: Quadro
  • Model: 19" Series


The Quadro® Comil® Overdriven Series offers high capacities, narrow particle size distributions and less waste. It has a track record for high-efficiency inline processing that is unequalled across a vast range of industries.

The Overdriven Comil® is the original conical mill, invented by Quadro® in 1976, for size reduction, deagglomeration and dispersion, separating and reclaiming, and bulk density adjustments. Typical applications include:

  • Granulation of dry powders
  • Size reducing and milling of wet or soaked products to produce liquid with wet suspended particulates
  • Powders into paste
  • Wet blending
  • Uniform sizing of wet granulation in tablet manufacturing
  • Lump-free homogenous blending to precise size requirements
  • Reducing sticky agglomerates into uniform-size powders
  • Reclaiming products

The Overdriven is the simplest and most economical Comil® to maintain and operate. Available in five models, the Overdriven has the widest capacity range: up to 120,000 lb/hr (54,500 kg/hr). And with the largest number of screen and impeller options in the market and many specialized tools, you can achieve almost any process requirements.


  • Low RPM/Low Noise low speed design applies an inherently gentle action to the product
  • Low Energy/Low Heat Limited or no heat is generated, making the Overdriven the perfect choice for milling heat-sensitive products
  • 360° Positive Product DischargeMaximizes throughput as entire screen surface is utilized within milling chamber
  • Choke / Flood Fed recommended for most Comil® applications; however, this is product/process dependent
  • Low DustEliminates the need for dust collection/explosion retention devices; environmentally friendly
  • Uniform Particle SizeAbility to achieve desired granularity
  • Higher CapacityNo restrictions to capacity due to Comil®’s plug-feeding capability
  • No Metal-to-Metal ContactLess wear on moving parts
  • Easy-Clean DesignLow maintenance
  • Scalability accuracy and repeatability from R&D to full production


  • Stainless steel construction throughout
  • Accurate PSD (Particle Size Distribution) controllability
  • Reduced heat generation at high throughput capacities
  • Efficient product processing for nearly 100% product recovery
  • Robust component design and ease of cleanability
  • Reduced operating and ongoing maintenance costs


  • Available in five scalable models
  • Power kW: 1.5 – 22
  • Capacities kg/h*: 360 – 14,000
  • Power hp: 2 – 30
  • Capacities lb/h*: 800 – 32,000
  • Equipment Scale-Up Factor: Up to 40x scalability factor from Model 197