Flex Sift

flex3 flex4 Quadro FlexSift Model S5 Version 2 Sep21 Sifter Render
flex3 flex4 Quadro FlexSift Model S5 Version 2 Sep21 Sifter Render


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  • Manufacturer: QUADRO
  • Model: S Series


Quadro® FlexSift takes industrial powder screening technology to the next level. FlexSift is the high-capacity centrifugal sifter/separator with the convenient inline design that has revolutionized security screening equipment technology. Simply install FlexSift near the beginning of your process stream to effectively deagglomerate raw materials, while capturing and retaining foreign materials and other impurities before they can contaminate your final product.

Centrifugal acceleration within the sifting chamber ensures continuous flow of your particles through an appropriately sized mesh, which has been selected to meet your precise process specifications. Any impurities are retained for later removal. FlexSift features all stainless steel construction and a minimal footprint for maximum space efficiency. Quadro® FlexSift has been carefully designed to meet exacting FDA cGMP standards for safe processing of pharmaceutical powders, food ingredients, cosmetics and other products intended for human use or consumption.

Available in three models to better meet customers’ specific needs, FlexSift delivers fast, efficient powder sifting capability with nearly 100% product recovery. Deagglomeration and delumping are crucial initial steps in manufacturing processes across a wide range of applications and industries. Whether your industry is pharmaceuticals, chemicals or food, Quadro® FlexSift provides reliable, efficient and safe screening of your materials. Quadro Engineering is a trusted leading manufacturer of process equipment used around the world.


  • Industrial Powder Sifting Efficiency - Featuring high-throughput capacity, this fine mesh sieve is capable of handling very fine particles, usually in the 50-mesh range (300 microns or less). Sifting efficiency with FlexSift typically improves by up to 80%.
  • Simple System Integration -FlexSift fits beneath most bulk bag unloader and mixer discharges. This compact, low-profile design facilitates easy inline integration into your present system.
  • Gentle Powder Deagglomeration - FlexSift provides gentle deagglomeration, coaxing undesirable agglomerates apart, so only uniform, appropriately sized particles can enter the process stream. FlexSift catches lumps before they can create problems — without further reducing particle sizes.
  • Positive 360° Discharge - FlexSift’s positive 360° discharge facilitates the fast, efficient segregation — and retention — of foreign materials.
  • Enhanced Operator Safety - FlexSift’s convenient inline design ensures that fewer airborne fine particulates can be released into the work environment, helping to limit operator exposure and reduce risks.
  • Quick and Efficient Cleaning & Maintenance - FlexSift is designed for maximum efficiency. A limited number of parts means screen changes and product maintenance are accomplished relatively quickly and easily. A simple bolt-locking mechanism secures the screen assembly to the gearbox, facilitating rapid changeover and maintenance.
  • User-Friendly Design - As with all Quadro Engineering products, FlexSift is carefully engineered with ease of operation in mind. Simple, user-friendly controls allow for bulk or controlled feeding, at your discretion.
  • Customizable - Integrate FlexSift into any process stream. Available with a range of spindle lengths, FlexSift is suitable for vacuum discharge and dust-free pneumatic conveying. Choose from a variety of screen sizes. Adjustable-height lift stand.


  • Stainless steel construction throughout
  • Inline security screening at superior processing capacities, with minimal footprint
  • Deagglomeration of raw materials, without unwanted size reduction
  • Efficient product processing for nearly 100% product recovery
  • Pneumatic conveying compatible for contained material transfer


  • Available in three scalable models
  • Capacities lb/h*: 1,000 – 50,000
  • Capacities kg/h*: 500 – 25,000
  • Power hp: 1 – 5
  • Power kW: 0.75 – 4
  • Equipment Scale-Up Factor: Up to 4x scalability factor from Model S5