Comil U21

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U21 014 U21 022 U21 035 U21 094

Item Ref: QUAD-U21-1

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  • Manufacturer: Quadro
  • Model: U21


The new High Efficiency Comil® U21 represents a revolutionary approach to size reduction. By reinventing and redefining conical milling, Quadro® has achieved an unprecedented particle size distribution optimization for improved powder homogeneity and flowability.

The High Efficiency Quadro® Comil® U21 achieves what no other conical mill is capable of doing: an extraordinary decrease in unwanted “fines” or “overs,” which translates into tighter PSDs by 25% to +50%, yet still within validated particle size distributions high and low limits. Plus, the U21 provides up to 60% capacity increase.

The conical screen chamber of the High Efficiency Quadro® Comil® U21 is designed to supply a vortex flow pattern to the in-feed product by means of a rotating impeller. As product travels into the “action zone” by continuous centrifugal acceleration, it passes through precisely defined unique-geometry screen hole apertures.

As a result, material is sheared through the screen at optimum tangential velocities, creating uniform size reduction rates and producing narrow, consistent and repeatable particle size distributions.


  • Tighter PSDs (Particle Size Distributions) - tightest PSDs of any conical or size reduction mill in Pharma Oral Solid Dosage, potentially eliminating the need for classifying equipment
  • Greaseless Gearbox - redesigned greaseless gearbox for 100% elimination of product contamination risk from gearbox lubricants should seal be damaged or worn
  • Unwanted “Fines” Reduction - Virtual elimination of unwanted “fines” ensures more product on-target and better powder flowability
  • Low Heat - Reduced heat generation during milling by up to 30% over traditional conical mills
  • Higher Capacity - Improved capacity throughput with same overall footprint of a standard Comil®
  • Easy to Clean - ability to clean-in-place without “special” screens
  • Low Noise - reduced dB levels
  • Superior Containment - OEB 5 Containment level,under 1 µg/m3 (independent third-party tests confirm Quadro’s underdriven technology capable of an average sub 100 ng/m3 containment)


  • Patent pending redesigned components for maximum efficiency and on-target PSD results
  • Autoclave compatibility standard
  • Reduced noise levels -≈75 dBs
  • CIP-ready housing and tooling / WIP nozzles available
  • ATEX certified
  • Suitable for SIP
  • Interchangeable head design standard for either FlexSift or Comil® applications
  • Hidden process wiring
  • No exposed bolt heads or threads in action zone
  • Captured O-rings for all joints
  • Optional purged seal
  • Available with height-adjustable, portable base
  • Available PSR designs and more….


  • Model No. U21
  • Capacities kg/h*: Up to 2,800 kg/h
  • Capacities lb/h*: Up to 6,150 lb/h
  • Power kW: 5
  • Power hp: 7.5