Butter Wrapper

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017821 20180410 103631 20180410 103652

Item Ref: 7821-1


  • Manufacturer: SIG (Swiss Industrial Company)
  • Model: FD 140


Reactive Engineering has available a butter wrapping unit.

Currently doing 500 / 454 / 400 gm packs.
Doing up to 100 p/min on 500 gms

NB: Significant number of spare parts are available for this

Machine dimensions
With single reel-off unit: 4045 L x 1675 W x 1857 H
Weight in kg / net approx. 2700

Electrical rating
Type of voltage: 3 x 200 V 50 Hz
Power consumption: 6 kVA

Noise level 75 dB (DIN measuring specifications)
Package type: End fold, non-glued or glued.
Packaging material quality Backed aluminium foil, parchment and plastic films. Print registered, from the reel.

The FD140 is suitable for molding and packaging butter. The product is fed directly to the machine from the processor via a tube and compensating piston. At appropriate consistency, the machine produces up to 140 packages per minute.

Packaging material feed
During the packaging material pull-off the pivot arm oscillates within its operating range and controls the packaging material brake, assuring a constant pull-off resistance.
With the aid of the dressing blade, the packaging material web is stabilised longitudinally to counteract any curling tendency. The registration determines the correct distribution of the printed image on every severed packaging material cut-off. The advancer roller unit forwards the packaging material as far as the first station of the folder wheel.

Product feed
The product is fed via the compensating piston and mouthpiece plate into the pockets of the rotary table. The ejector piston pushes pat for pat, together with the packaging material cut-off, into the folder wheel.

Folder wheel
Monitoring of the packaging material presence with the packaging material feeler. The cutting wire separates the moulded pat from the piston. The actual packaging operation takes place in the folder wheel. The first longitudinal folder folds and presses the shorter longitudinal flap onto the top face of the pat. With the rotary motion of the folder wheel the longer longitudinal flap is folded down onto the pat top face. The end flaps, side flaps, and closure flap are folded in the folder section. The presser station presses the package into shape. Ejection of all the packages into the piece turn-over via the product pusher. All packages are turned through 90o by the piece turn-over, and pushed onto the conveyor belt.


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